COVID-19 Test

COVID-19 Testing clinic. Reserve your spot.

We are proud to provide passengers with COVID-19 screening tests in partnership with Biron Groupe Santé.
The tests are carried out in the Biron health center. It is located towards the underground parking lot of the HotelParc and is accessible by an elevator between international and U.S. departures. Travelers must follow the signs at the terminal entrances.

For Rapid screening tests (result in 25 minutes or 1 hour) performed on the same day of the flight, passengers must complete the test before going to their airline check-in counter.

Before choosing a test, passengers must:

  • Validate the travel requirements and restrictions in effect in the destination country;
  • Make sure the test and the type of sampling are approved by the destination country as well as any other country where they have a layover;
  • Make sure to choose a result period suitable for the requirements of the destination country (generally between 24H to 72H);
  • For more information, consult our FAQ.

Pre-departure COVID-19 screening:

Rapid antigenic (25 min)

Service available by appointment only. It is recommended to book an appointment at least 3½ hours before your flight’s departure time.

Screening a few days before your travel:

Biron also provides screening tests with results in 24H or 48H.

  • Cost:
    • PCR test result in 24H: $175
    • PCR test result in 48H: $129
    • Antigenic test result in 8H: $99
    • Antigenic test result in 24H: $89
  • Nasal swab
  • Free multi-level parking1 for 90 minutes
  • People with or without an appointment are accepted2
  • Reserve for screening tests with results in 24H or 48H



1 Voucher given during your visit at the clinic, subject to modification. Valid only with 24H or 48H screening tests.


2 Subject to availability