Electric vehicles

Circuit_electrique.jpgCharging stations

Aéroports de Montréal is pleased to provide charging stations for electric vehicles in the terminal parking lot.

Drivers of electric vehicles have access to four dedicated parking spaces (Circuit électrique). Follow the signs for the Short Term parking and enter the parking lot by taking a ticket at the entry gate. Proceed to P0-R1 section of the parking lot. Upon return and when leaving the parking, please stop at the Assistance office located on your left, at the exit of the parking facility. The attendant will adjust the pricing to the price of the Multi-Level parking and have you pay the parking fees.

The fee is $7 per 20 minutes for a maximum of $31 per day*, plus the cost of recharging ($2.50).

You must subscribe to the program at www.lecircuitelectrique.com to use the service.

Also available at the HotelParc parking lot: four parking spaces with Circuit électrique charging stations and six parking spaces with Tesla charging stations. The fee to use these parking spaces are $8 per 20 minutes for a maximum of $39 per day, plus the cost of recharging ($2.50 with Circuit électrique)

For more information: 514 633-3016

From outside the Montréal area: 1 866 236-3999

* Fee applicable only if the charging station service is used. If not, the regular rate of the Short Term parking lot will apply.