Visit Montréal the sustainable way

YUL Montréal-Trudeau Airport has joined an initiative launched by Tourisme Montréal called “Sustainable way”.

You can calculate the carbon footprint of your stay and offset it with a donation if you wish. For more information:

Many airlines are also offering to offset the emissions from your flight or purchase eco-fuel. Ask your airline for more information.


Here are some tips to reduce your GHG emissions

  • Compare not only the price and time of flight options, but also the GHGs emitted by the different routes offered
  • Reduce energy consumption in your home while you are away: Turn off the air conditioning or lower the heat, unplug your electrical appliances (computers, television, etc.), turn off the lights or use a timer.
  • Travel light by limiting the weight of your baggage: Baggage weight affects the fuel consumption of aircraft and therefore the greenhouse gas emissions of your flight.