Job offers

Would you like to send us your application for a position that is currently vacant or for a future job opportunity with Aéroports de Montréal? We invite you to consult our job openings online now.

Executive and mid-level management

There are several director, assistant director and manager positions within each of our vice-presidencies.


Several trades are involved in maintenance at ADM, including: electricians, electrical mechanics, mobile equipment mechanics, carpenters, painters, plumbers, stationary engineers, instrument technicians, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics, CAD technician and operators of both heavy and light equipment.


Come and join the ranks of our professionals in the following areas: engineering, finance, human resources, procurement, information technology, communications, legal affairs, environment, real estate and commercial services.


There are many supervisor positions in our professional categories in maintenance (e.g., building structures, thermal power plant, groundskeeping, mobile, electrical or electro-mechanical equipment).

Safety - Operation

There are various types of positions related to the protection of airport users in several of our operations-related sectors, among them firefighter, dog handler/patroller, investigator, and Airport Patrol supervisor.

Administrative support

We employ people in support positions at all levels of administration, and also offer various clerk and administrative support positions in all our areas of activity.


ADM helps train the next generation of its labour force by recruiting interns in various sectors, and offers work-study opportunities in all of its employment categories and areas. To help us evaluate your application for an internship, please send all relevant details by e-mail to, including the name of your program of study, the desired date and length of your internship, and your résumé. Please be advised that acknowledgment will be issued and only people who have done an internship application to which we can respond will be contacted.