Legal Affairs

The office of the Vice-President, Legal Affairs, is responsible for administering ADM’s lease with Transport Canada, for drawing up contracts and other legal documents required for conducting business, and for managing any disputes in which the Corporation is involved. It is also tasked with issuing legal opinions on the scope of various legislative, regulatory and contractual provisions so as to ensure compliance and enforcement.

Legal Affairs also acts as ADM’s corporate secretariat, which includes, among other things, co-ordination of the meetings of the Board of Directors and its various committees, the keeping of corporate records, and the issuance of annual reports as required by law.  Furthermore, it negotiates and manages ADM’s property leases and processes related requests for services or contractual information.

Lastly, this vice-presidency is responsible for the co-ordination, follow-up and handling of complaints from third parties.


Public Affairs

The office of the Vice President, Public Affairs, is responsible for managing the airport authority’s reputation and its relationships with various stakeholders: local residents, the business community, governments, the media, the general public, and organizations of interest to ADM such as Airports Council International (ACI) or the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

It is also responsible for the positioning of Aéroports de Montréal’s President and Chief Executive Officer and for making public interventions.

Its functions encompass two main areas:

  • Corporate Affairs and Media Relations: This primarily involves handling requests from media representatives and drafting strategic and corporate communications tools.
  • Public Relations: This primarily involves managing strategic issues related to the development of airport sites and relations with partners.


Airport Operations, Infrastructure and Air Services Development

This office of the Vice-President, Airport Operations, Infrastructure and Air Services Development, is responsible for operations at our two airports and for the development of new aviation services. Its many duties are shared among the five following departments:

  • Operations: Ensures the smooth running of day-to-day airport activities as well as the quality of services to users. Also oversees user safety by means of monitoring, prevention and response actions, pursuant to the regulatory framework.
  • Airport Patrol: Responsible for maintaining order and public peace, road safety and aviation security. Also ensures compliance with ADM’s legislative and regulatory requirements for security.
  • Customer Experience and Process Innovation: Is tasked with enhancing the customer experience, through such means as assessing passenger processes and recommending action plans for the implementation of innovative processes, services and technology solutions.
  • Air Services Development: Identifies opportunities for development in the area of passenger and cargo traffic, and recommends action plans to support the corporate objectives for air traffic growth. Manages the seasonal scheduling approvals process and, in collaboration with the Operations department, plans the related facilities assignments.
  • Airport infrastructure: Responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of airport infrastructure related to civil engineering (runways, roads, etc).


Finance and Administration

The office of the Vice-President, Finance and Administration, is in charge of the planning and sound management of financial and material resources, as well as information systems, for the entire Corporation.

Its specific responsibilities include strategic planning, annual budget implementation and tracking, treasury management, and various special projects. It also dispenses professional advice to all divisions and departments in the various aspects of the Corporation’s management.

There are four departments responsible for performing the duties of the Finance and Administration division:

  • Finance: Plays a front-line role in ADM’s strategic planning, revenue management and budgeting co-ordination, and ensures the financing of the Corporation by maintaining close ties with the credit rating agencies and main capital market intermediaries.
  • Procurement: Manages the procurement of goods, materials, equipment, construction work, and services for Aéroports de Montréal, and sees to the improvement of processes and policies so as to meet the needs of the Corporation.
  • Strategy and business data :  Responsible for analyzing business data concerning air traffic and customer satisfaction. The team measures results and makes forecasts that will be used to estimate aeronautical revenues. The team oversees the annual strategic planning process and analyses to support the Executive Committee in making business decisions.


Planning, Engineering and Construction

The office of the Vice-President, Engineering and Construction, is responsible for planning the development of Trudeau and Mirabel airports, which includes mapping out the master plan for the airports, establishing the investments program, providing technical expertise for capital works projects and managing the execution of such projects on airport lands.

There are five departments jointly responsible for this division’s areas of activity:

  • Airport Planning: Assesses, based on traffic forecasts, the capacity requirements of the various airport systems. Forecasts and plans development of the airports, both in terms of aviation needs and the related buildings and facilities.
  • Project Management and Construction: Manages and controls, jointly with all stakeholders involved (consultants, contractors and suppliers), every step in the completion of projects.
  • Architecture and Engineering: Defines projects and controls quality in all aspects of their completion. Manages the life cycles of existing facilities. Is also responsible for the environment and sustainable development.
  • Investments and Cost Management Program: Establishes the investment program based on ADM’s strategic plan, manages new project requests and sets priorities among those projects, and controls the costs of the capital works program.
  • Aérotrain Project: Is responsible for developing and building the rail shuttle linking the Montréal–Trudeau terminal building with downtown Montréal.


Real Estate and Commercial Services

The office of the Vice-President, Real Estate and Commercial Services, is responsible for, on the one hand, managing the food services and retail spaces in the terminal building and, on the other, development and improvement of the land and buildings for which ADM is responsible.

Four departments are jointly responsible for carrying out its duties:

  • Commercial Services: Manages the food services and retail spaces in the terminal building (concessions).
  • Access Assets: Manages parking at Montréal–Trudeau, along with vehicle rentals and transportation services.
  • Real Estate Development: Is responsible for the development of the corporation’s land and industrial spaces.
  • Strategy and Special Projects: Among other things, oversees the repurposing of the Mirabel site.


Technologies and Innovation

The main mandate of the Technologies and Innovation vice-presidency is to ensure the reliability, accessibility, upgrading and security of the technology infrastructures and information systems required by the Corporation in the fulfilment of its mission. Created in 2020, it also plays a key role in identifying avenues for solutions aimed at improving the passenger experience and increasing YUL's efficiency as a hub for international air traffic. The automation of passenger processes, the integration of digital technologies into daily interactions, the upcoming advent of 5G, and the rise of artificial intelligence are all offering tremendous opportunities and are on the radar of this specialized team.