Restricted area identity card (RAIC)

RAICs contain biometric data relating to iris images and fingerprints, which allow for improved control over airport personnel accessing restricted areas.

Obtaining a RAIC is a simple 3-STEP process. 



Prior to submitting your new request for a RAIC at the Administration and Permits Office (APO), you must have first completed the online training Security Awareness Program. The online training is accessible at the following link : and comprises two modules.

MODULE 1 : Canadian Airport Security Awareness Program (CASAP) consists of the “national” module used by all Canadian airports. You will need to anticipate approximately 1h30 to complete this module.

MODULE 2 : Security Awareness for Montreal-Trudeau and Montreal-Mirabel represents the “local” module which specifically applies to Aéroports de Montréal. This module will take approximately 35 minutes to complete.


To submit your application in person at the APO, the documents listed below, are required.

  • The Transport Canada form: Transportation Security Clearance (TSC) Application form

    The TSC Application form must be completed online and submitted electronically as instructed on the Transport Canada website. You must print a copy of your form and ask your authorized signing officer to complete and sign Part A of the form. Ensure that you also sign the form where required.

  • The Aéroports de Montréal Request for Airport Pass form:

    It is important that the company's authorized signing officer completes ALL fields in Part A of the form, and you, the applicant, complete Part B. Only the signed original form will be accepted.

  • Proof of Verification of Judicial Record issued by the company duly dated and signed.

  • A copy of both your certificates of achievement (Modules 1 and 2) attesting that you have completed the online training program on Security Awareness;

    It is important to note that the Certificate of Achievement obtained for Module 1 should be carefully preserved.

    In fact, since Module 1 is the "national" module of the Security Awareness Program for Canadian airports, this certificate is valid at all Canadian airports.

    For example, in the event that the holder would be transferred to another airport and had to file an application for an airport pass, Module 1 would not need to be taken again, but only the Module 2 of the airport in question.

  • Click here to find out about the required forms of ID you will need to provide along with your application.

New requirements: For applicants who have been outside of Canada and the United States for 6 months or more (consecutive or cumulative) in the last five (5) years are required to provide additional documentation, please refer to the following link for instructions.



You will be issued a temporary pass until such time that Transport Canada grants your security clearance. The average waiting period to receive confirmation of the security clearance may take up to several months.

Once your security clearance is granted by Transport Canada, the APO will notify your employer immediately. Your employer is responsible for advising you to go to the APO for the issuance of your RAIC.

Issuiance of a RAIC

When the APO agent hands you your new RAIC, it will take approximately 15 minutes to sync the data on your card with that of our internal access control systems, after which time your RAIC will be fully functional.

Terms of issue of a RAIC

It is important to know that all security components issued are governed by the Canadian Aviation Security Regulations (CASR). When you take possession of your RAIC, you will be required to sign the Terms and conditions, with which you must comply at all times.