Responsibilities (GRI 3-3 AO7)

Noise management surrounding Canadian airports is governed by the Aeronautics Act and the Canadian Aviation Regulations. Noise operating restrictions and noise abatement procedures specific to each airport, and approved by the federal government, are published in the Canada Air Pilot (CAP) guide and the Canada Flight Supplement.

Transport Canada is the regulatory body responsible for enforcing air traffic noise control and abatement regulations, and is empowered to sanction both pilots and carriers who violate them. The list of offenders is available from Transport Canada.



NAV CANADA is the air navigation services provider (air traffic control).


The airlines are responsible for their flight operations, fleet acquisition and compliance to procedures and flight schedules at YUL Montreal-Trudeau.



Aéroports de Montréal’s soundscape management responsibilities are detailed in its lease with Transport Canada. Among other things, ADM is required to develop noise management plans, create a soundscape management committee, and handle complaints regarding noise. Each time an apparent irregularity is noted, ADM informs Transport Canada and the ministry then decides on appropriate action.

ADM uses a cutting-edge system to monitor noise generated by air traffic around Montréal–Trudeau. ANOMS (Airport Noise and Operations Management System) incorporates all of the necessary soundscape management functions, in addition to featuring data analysis and report generation capabilities.

ANOMS processes ambient-noise data measured by noise sensors placed in strategic areas in nearby neighbourhoods, as well as radar data provided by NAV CANADA on aircraft position, altitude and speed. The system also processes weather information. 

Listening to citizens

In order to answer questions from airport-area residents about the soundscape, ADM has set up a dedicated telephone line that lets callers listen to prerecorded general messages or speak directly with a communications officer. Citizens can get in touch with ADM by phone at 514 633-3351 or by e-mail.