Programs and policies

An employer like no other, with close ties to its community


At ADM, we view the employee experience and engagement as key factors in attracting and retaining top talent, achieving our business objectives and continuing to deliver exceptional service to our customers.

Our management style is informed by the human values that we actively promote: collaboration, openness, boldness, passion and reliability.

Recognition is a big part of life at ADM. In addition to organizational programs, we have implemented a diverse array of specific initiatives to help employees realize the importance of their day-to-day contributions and enhance their sense of belonging to the extended ADM family.

  • The PassionNÉ.E pour ADM program rewards employees for their contributions and loyalty according to their years of service.
  • Coup de cœur is our peer recognition program.
  • Employee Appreciation Month includes a whole series of in-house initiatives and events throughout March.
  • The Demande-DON program supports employees in their volunteer commitments.

ADM reinvents itself each year with special, often festive events that bring employees together and spice up life at ADM: the Employee Barbecue, Spring Festival, Family Festival, Pauses-Flexi, 4 à 6 Flexi-Travail, and more. There are also frequent engagement events built around ADM operations, such as FOD Walks, workplace health and safety activities, and Équilibre program activities, which target employee health and wellness. And ADM encourages employees who invest in causes that it believes in, like Centraide / The United Way and the Make-A-Wish 48-HOUR RIDE event.

In short, ADM we make a point of organizing events and programs to help everyone feel fully engaged in the organization’s growth.

The Human Capital team also provides support and guidance to managers and employees on talent attraction, acquisition and retention, professional development, career orientation, engagement, and building high-performance teams, while implementing mechanisms to ensure their health and well-being. The team is continually striving to adapt and improve its services to offer a work environment that meets the expectations and needs of our collective strength: our people.


Hybrid work

The Flexi-travail program, which applies to several job types at ADM, is an apt illustration of those continuous-improvement efforts. Flexi-travail is a work organization mode that helps create a unique and flexible employee experience, while supporting the implementation of structure-enhancing strategies for sustainable development.

ADM offers the best of both worlds: greater freedom in planning day-to-day tasks, workspaces reimagined to promote collaborative work, and user access to technology tools adapted to the new reality of work. To ensure the sustainability of this program, various activities are deployed to help maintain employees’ sense of shared identity and to promote collaboration between teams, a value that is key to the organization's success. Our Pauses-Flexi, allowing employees to gather and enjoy a delicious barista-brewed cup of coffee, fresh fruit smoothie or bag of popcorn, or take a mind-and-body break with a tai chi session, and our 4 à 6 Flexi events are opportunities to get together in a relaxed social setting during or after the work day.

The ADM Employee Value Proposition (EVP) puts the focus on activities and talents characteristic of employees who are most likely to succeed in the airport environment, which is inherently unique. ADM’s programs and activities revolve around the four main pillars that are the foundation of the employee experience: customer service, the uniqueness of the airport environment, the diversity of our talents, and our partnerships with the community. ADM’s talents are NÉ.E pour ADM (Born for ADM) and the Human Capital team provides a wide array of services to help them grow to their full potential within the organization.


Training and professional development

ADM encourages employees to pursue training and professional development activities that enhance their qualifications and skills. To this end, we offer several programs and activities: continuing education in technical, standardization and regulatory matters; acquisition of knowledge specific to airport settings; development of management and leadership abilities, and more.

ADM offers the following training programs and modules, among others:

  • Tout à gagner chez ADM, a three-month onboarding program for new managers.
  • On-demand training that covers a variety of topics from effective management to work-life balance and many others via the Skillsoft online catalogue.
  • Flexi-travail training on the challenges linked to managing hybrid work. Featuring lectures, workshops and training modules, this program has two distinct streams, one aimed at the entire Flexi community, and the other at managers whose duties include supervising teams in a work organization mode that demands entirely new skills.
  • Regulatory and mandatory training modules (SGS, the Canada Labour Code, Kéroul’s Welcoming Ways training).
  • A program for traffic regulators, which uses a combination of theory and practical content to teach topics such as control of aircraft movements on the ramp, radio communications, as well as piloting and meteorological concepts.
  • An occupational health and safety program, which covers topics as varied as workplace inspections, lockdown procedures, and ergonomic workstation layout.


Workplace health and safety and general health Sante-et-securite.png

ADM makes the health and safety of all its employees a priority. The Corporation has instituted a policy, guidelines, procedures and continuing-education programs to ensure a healthy and safe workplace. ADM has also developed a general health program that includes prevention and promotion activities, as well as corporate practices that encourage good workplace health.


Workplace violence and harassment

ADM believes in a workplace that is healthy and free of behaviours with potential to harm the physical and psychological integrity of any employee. The Corporation has deemed all forms of violence or harassment in the workplace unacceptable and applies a zero-tolerance policy in this regard. Any manifestation or complaint of harassment is dealt with according to the provisions of the corporate policy on the prevention of violence and harassment in the workplace.


Employee code of ethics (GRI 2-15 / 2-26)

ADM’s Code of Ethics for Employees of Aéroports de Montréal is available to all employees. It aims to guide the decisions and actions of each employee through principles that are based on the values shared by the entire organization.

ADM employees may report a breach of the principles of the Code of Ethics by contacting a confidential information line operated by an independent firm, or directly to the Vice-President, Legal Affairs, and Corporate Secretary.


Use of information technology

ADM provides its employees with access to the information technology tools they need to perform their work more efficiently and easily. Employees are subject to a policy, including rules and conditions, on the use of these tools.


Employment equity and diversity

ADM is under federal government jurisdiction and, as such, must comply with the Employment Equity Act, which aims to ensure fair representation of four designated groups: women, visible minorities, persons with disabilities and Aboriginal peoples.

Beyond the legislative framework, the Corporation is expanding its vision from employment equity to a commitment to diversity, inclusion and adaptation of its workplaces to welcome and retain the best and brightest talents. All employees enjoy the same benefits and opportunities for advancement based on their competencies, regardless of differences. In addition to gaining access to a larger talent pool, this ensures that the Corporation reflects the diversity of its community, in turn gaining insights into its customers and enhancing service quality.

If you are a member of one of the groups designated in the Act, we encourage you to mention it when submitting your résumé.



ADM offers its personnel a competitive range of benefits, including a comprehensive group life insurance program and a defined-contribution pension plan that ranks as one of the most generous on the market. Many other advantages and benefits are available, depending on the work group to which the employee belongs.


Candidate referral program

For several years, ADM has relied on its entire workforce to enhance its talent pool. As ambassadors for the organization, all employees are encouraged to refer talented candidates to fill vacant positions within the Corporation, and they earn attractive bonuses if their referred candidates are hired. This engagement-enhancing program is a way for ADM to increase the diversity of its workforce and better reflect that of its travelling customers.


Employee and family assistance

From their first day on the job, ADM provides all employees as well as their immediate family members with access to Dialogue services, which include virtual healthcare (telemedicine), a mental-health support program and an employee and family assistance program. Beneficiaries experiencing personal problems can get immediate, confidential help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Employees and their family members are supported by a team of health professionals who have the knowledge and skills to assist them.


Alternative transportation

To provide an incentive to public transit use, ADM is a member of the Opus & Cie (STM) and Opus+ Entreprises (TRAM card) programs, each of which offers a range of concrete solutions encouraging employees to choose alternatives to automobiles for their commute.

ADM employees who use public transit enjoy incentive benefits such as a 50% per month subsidy following 12 consecutive monthly transit pass purchases.

YUL Montréal–Trudeau Airport is served by several bus lines:

  • The 204, from the Fairview shopping centre terminus
  • The 209, from the Roxboro-Pierrefonds train station
  • The 747, from downtown (Berri-UQAM and Lionel-Groulx métro stations)
  • The 460 connecting the airport to Crémazie, de la Savane and Colisée metro stations

Lines 204 and 209 also link the Dorval terminus and Montréal–Trudeau, making transfers easy for employees riding the commuter train into the Dorval station.