Sustainable development

Aéroports de Montréal aims to become one of the best airport managers, distinguished by its rigour, efficiency and innovation, while respecting the environment. To that end, the Corporation’s management, operation and development of its airports considers all social, economic and environmental impacts and focuses on developing good relationships with its partners and stakeholders.

8351D_graphique_devdurable_EN.pngFollowing its commitment to sustainable development, ADM established a 2013–2017 action plan, and is well on the way to implementing its initiatives. Here are the major challenges:




social environmental economic
Developing talents and skills Increasing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions Improving land access to the airport
Enhance the quality of life at work life Reduction of resource consumption and managing waste Contributing to the economic development of Greater Montréal
Maintaining environmental harmony and supporting communities Protecting bodies of water and reducing drinking-water consumption Enriching the range of services offered


The Sustainable Development Committee, consisting of managers of various ADM departments, monitors ADM’s commitment to sustainable development.

Training is provided to a number of managers and employees so that they may take ownership of the sustainable development objectives and be equipped to apply them in practice in their respective areas of action.

In addition, ADM is a partner in the 2010–2015 Montréal Community Sustainable Development Plan.