The #YULArt Program

At YUL, our promise is to generate “inspiring meaningful” connections in everything that we do, to succeed in bringing the YUL experience to life. This is especially true for the various works of art that come across the passengers’ journey through our airport. The #YULArt program was created to showcase Montreal's culture and art, but also to offer passengers a memorable, entertaining, and pleasant experience while transiting here. Discover YUL’s unique MONTREA-Litude through our several exhibitions!

Live Montréal
Vibrant – Festive – Multicultural – Surprising – Welcoming – Exhilarating


De Montréal jusqu'à l'infini
Chien Champion's mural, located in the corridor between HotelParc and the terminal, is inspired by the greatness of Montreal. The artist wanted to celebrate the city's vibrancy and different energies, as a starting point to visit the world, but it is also an invitation to rediscover Montreal in a different way.


Montréal en trois temps
La Charbonne presents a trio of colorful murals in the HotelParc parking lot, representing themes central to Montreal's identity. 


Paradis Parallèles
New York makes all other cities look like villages, except for Montreal. Through five scenes illustrating the two typical cities, Franco invites you to discover the many coincidental similarities that exist between these cities in the transborder departures lounge, near gate 75.


Aux couleurs de chez nous
Inspired by the colors of our four seasons and the urban beauty of Montreal, Charles Paradis' two murals on the arrivals pier are a grand celebration of our magnificent city.

Création sans titre.png

Cécile Gariépy’s Colourful Murals
Travel to Montreal through the art of Quebec artist Cécile Gariépy. As true emblems of the city, the alleys of Montreal are witnesses of our history, culture and art. Barbecue, bowling, coffee in the sun or walks under the snow, they irrigate our city and testify to our MONTREA-Litude. The two colorful murals, close to six meters high, are located in the transborder jetty, near gate 79.

Alain Paiement’s Photograph Murals
“YULFLY” is a printed glass mural that evokes the point of view of Montreal just before landing, or at the moment of take-off. The mural is a matrix of hundreds of photographs. It is located in the international zone, between gates 64 and 66.

“Voisinages” (Neighbourhoods), is a mural of photographs that depicts several hundred citizens from all neighbourhoods, of all ages and backgrounds, proclaiming the cultural diversity and plurality of Montreal and its neighbourhoods. At work or at play, outdoors or indoors, in all seasons, they speak to an inclusive, effervescent vision of our city. The mural can be found in the international zone, near gate 53.

Nuée de verre
“Nuée de verre” (Veil of Glass), by artists Félix Dagenais and Louis-Xavier Gagnon-Lebrun, is an interactive lighting installation consisting of a series of coloured, transparent triangular panels suspended from the ceiling. The coloured panels animate the space, projecting their multi-hued reflections and refractions, aided by multiple light sources, onto the white ceiling of the terminal. This unique work of art is located in different places in the international zone, from gates 63 to 68.

“You are Almost There!” Lighting Exhibition
This exhibition comprises a series of lighting installations integrated into the architecture of the transborder and international jetties. It is created by Montréal conceptual artist and lighting designer Axel Morgenthaler. Well-known in the entertainment field, Mr. Morgenthaler is among the most innovative lighting designers. This work of art consists of 29 computer-controlled tubes of light (LED technology). Images taken by the artist are mixed with video sequences, then translated into the programming language that controls the lights. The result is a colourful, entertaining, and dynamic work of art that yields remarkable effects such as waves of light.






Permanent Works of Art
Works of art by well-known artists including Guido Molinari, Alfred Pellan and Eric Wesselow, formerly exhibited at the Montréal–Mirabel Airport (YMX), have been restored and are now on permanent display at YUL.

Several other works of art and exhibitions, other than those mentioned, are located in different areas of the airport. Share your personal favourites on social media by using the #YULArt hashtag!