Mission, commitment, certifications and recognition

Mission and commitment

Aéroports de Montréal aims to maintain harmonious coexistence with its surroundings, particularly with regard to protecting the environment. ADM has adopted an environmental policy that identifies key areas for improvement in terms of environmental protection. The Corporation is also a signatory to the Global Aviation Industry Commitment to Action on Climate Change adopted at the 2008 Aviation and Environment Summit in Geneva, Switzerland. In addition, ADM signed the Airports Sustainability Declaration in October 2016 at the Airports Going Green conference, which was held in Amsterdam.

Airport Sustainability Declaration

ADM also participates in the program L’économie sociale, j’achète! (French only), an initiative that aims at providing support to stimulate the supply of public institutions and large companies from social economy enterprises in Montreal.

Certifications and recognition


As part of its commitment to environmental stewardship, ADM has introduced multiple initiatives whereby it stands out in a number of areas.


  • BOMA BESt Gold Level certification for the Montréal-Trudeau terminal, attesting to the good energy and environmental performance of the building; 
  • First Canadian airport certified under the Airport Carbon Accreditation (Reduction) in 2014, demonstrating ADM’s commitment to reducing its GHG emissions. In 2016, ADM reached the next level, Optimization of the Carbon Accreditation Airport, becoming the 4th airport in North America to reach this level. In 2022, ADM has met all of the necessary requirements to renew the Optimization level of the Airport Carbon Accreditation ; 
  • In 2019, ACI-NA presented ADM with an Environmental Achievement Award, Outreach, Education and Community Involvement category for planting 500 trees and shrubs along the acoustic screen near Thorncrest Avenue. This planting has reduced the sound and visual impacts of airport operations that have moved closer to the residential sector. The trees were chosen by the citizens of the district. This planting enriches the 25-meter strip of woodland already preserved as part of the development of lot 7 of the airport; 
  • Winner of the 2019 Novae Prize for the adoption of a responsible procurement strategy; 
  • Fairtrade Canada, the Quebec Fair Trade Association, and the Canadian Fair Trade Network have awarded ADM's head office the Fair Trade Workplace designation. This distinction recognizes the fact that ADM offers fair trade certified coffee, tea, and sugar to both employees and visitors at its head office and during its events; 
  • ICI+ Green Project Award from the 2019 EnviroLys Gala for the creation of an ecological park on part of its land located northwest of the YUL trails. In 2020, this project also received the Gemme award in the “Innovative Achievement” category, presented by the Conseil régional de l'environnement (CRE) de Montréal at the Gala de reconnaissance en environnement et développement durable (Sustainable Development and Environment Recognition Gala); 
  • 2015 Novae Corporate Citizen Award, Residual Materials Category, and 2015 and 2016 Mercuriades finalist for its project to recycle, recertify and reuse glycol used to de-ice aircraft at Montréal-Trudeau
  • 2013 Airports Going Green Award given by the Chicago Department of Aviation for its 
  • ACI-NA Environmental Achievement Award 2011 for its tree-planting projects;
  • Honoured at the 2011 Gala de reconnaissance en environnement et développement durable de Montréal for its Écono-Écolo-Pratique program (French only);
  • Second prize from Sustainable Transportation Leaders for the 2009 “In Town Without My Car!” event;
  • Energia Award from the Association québécoise pour la maîtrise de l’énergie for its thermal plant project;
  • Mercuriades Award for Energy Efficiency for its thermal plant project.