Commercial filming

28ADM_LettresYUL_LR-800X534.jpgAll non-news filming at the airport requires a filming permit. For further information, please call the Affairs Public team at 514 394-7304 or

Please note that permission will not necessarily be granted.  Each request is evaluated according to various factors such as time of the year, site traffic, complexity of the project, etc.

There is as well cost for the co-ordination, security and use of the installations.

Processing time

The processing times for commercial filming requests are as follows:
General inquiries – at least 15 working days
Complex inquiries – at least 30 working days



Given the new sanitary measures that are currently being deployed in the airport environment in connection with COVID-19, commercial filming inside the terminal is currently suspended, unless otherwise indicated.

However, it is possible to submit a request to Public Affairs team.  Each request will be evaluated and alternatives could be suggested.  ADM reserves the right to refuse any request or to require changes so that the shooting complies with the sanitary measures in force.