Who we are


Aéroports de Montréal (ADM) is a not-for-profit corporation without share capital and is responsible for the management, operation, and development of Montréal–Montreal-Trudeau International Airport and Mirabel international Aerocityunder the terms of a 60-year lease signed with Transport Canada in 1992. Aéroports de Montréal's mission is threefold:

  • Provide quality airport services that are safe, secure, efficient and consistent with the specific needs of the community
  • Foster economic development in the Greater Montréal Area, especially through the development of facilities for which it is responsible
  • Co-exist in harmony with the surrounding environment, particularly in matters of environmental protection


Each brand of the ADM family delivers on the Inspiring meaningful connections promise in its own way.

For ADM, to Inspiring meaningful connections means:

Prosper and Delight

To prosper, ADM is committed to pursuing sustainable development that will result in strong communities, a healthy environment and a thriving economy. Its exceptional performance impacts the prosperity of Greater Montréal and of Québec.

To delight as a corporate brand, ADM cultivates quality relationships with all its stakeholders. It is always attuned to their needs so it can provide them the most pleasant, productive experience and ensure their engagement while maintaining its excellent reputation.



Gone are the days when international airports were little more than transit terminals. Today, they are reinventing themselves to meet the evolving expectations of passengers and clients. At ADM, we too have begun transforming ourselves into attractive “destination brands” by giving the experience a Montréal twist all its own. This typically Montréal experience is reflected in our vision, which defines what we want to be, what we want to accomplish:

A North-American destination of choice where the experience is so rich, even time flies.

An aeronautic business destination dedicated to the development and growth of the industry.



1. Team spirit
Co-operating with other team members, placing the team’s objectives above personal goals, contributing ideas with the aim of improving team cohesiveness and effectiveness, sharing information, listening to others’ viewpoints, promoting consensus.

2. Respect for others
Paying attention to colleagues’ needs, concerns and ideas, defining and acknowledging each team member’s role and responsibilities, giving every individual the opportunity to develop, encouraging the sense of initiative, treating everyone fairly regardless of their rank in the corporate hierarchy, challenging ideas, not people.

3. Thoroughness and perseverance
Making decisions in accordance with corporate policies, staying on course to attain objectives despite obstacles, establishing and observing strict procedures for every action, monitoring and following up to ensure adherence to budgets, schedules and procedures, leading by example.

4. Loyalty and integrity
Honouring commitments and keeping promises, acting honestly and ethically in every situation, observing social and corporate standards, speaking frankly, admitting mistakes, refusing to tolerate complacency, respecting confidentiality.

5. Innovation and creativity
Constantly being on the lookout for innovative solutions that have the potential to improve performance, taking advantage of and managing opportunities, remaining open to change and new ideas, being undaunted by risk, adapting new trends and ideas to personal circumstances.