Airside vehicle operator's permit (AVOP)

There are three types of Airside Vehicle Operator’s Permit for Montréal–Trudeau and Montréal–Mirabel international airports, which designate the areas where the holder is authorized to drive. An AVOP is valid for a maximum period of five years from the date of issue, and its expiration date is the same as that of the holder’s RAIC.


  • Type “D”: authorizes the holder to operate a vehicle within the movement area of the airport for which the permit is issud. 
  • Type “D/A”: authorizes the holder to operate a vehicle on the airport aprons and roadways set out thereon, excluding the manoeuvring area.
  • Type “D/A R”: authorizes the holder to operate a vehicle on the apron for the company for which the permit was issued. This permit prohibits the holder from operating anywhere else in the movement area.


  • You must have successfully completed the Airside Safety Online Training. Your employer will make the necessary arrangements for you to register to this training.
  • You must have a printed copy of your online training certificate attesting that you have successfully completed the training.


You must submit in person to the APO the following documents:

  • The Aéroports de Montréal Airside Vehicle Operator’s Permit Application form, completed and signed by your company’s authorized signing officer;
  • A printed copy of your certificate attesting that you have completed the Airside Safety Online Training;
  • Your valid, driver’s licence, no restrictions, issued by a Canadian province or U.S. state, or international driver’s licence;
  • Your valid Restricted Area Identity Card (RAIC);
  • Your Restricted Radiotelephone Operator’s Certificate with Aeronautical Qualification if you are applying for a Type “D” or “D/A” AVOP.

If you do not possess of a radiotelephone operator’s certificate and wish to obtain one, visit the Industry Canada website at, or ask to take the theory exam at the Administration and Permits Office.

Writing the exam at the APO will take approximately 45 minutes. You can view the study guide here: Study Guide for the Restricted Operator Certificate with Aeronautical Qualification.

Once you have successfully completed the Industry Canada theory exam, the APO will issue your temporary Restricted Radiotelephone Operator’s Certificate pending receipt by mail of your official certificate.


The theory exam, lasting approximately 45 minutes is taken at the time you submit your Airside Vehicle Operator’s Permit application to the APO.  Prior to taking the exam, ensure that your have received the required training from your employer, and studied the Restricted Area Traffic Directive (RATD).

Once you have successfully completed the theory exam, you will receive a temporary permit, valid for a period of 6 months. This temporary permit will allow you to pursue the practical training with your employer, in light of the practical exam. 

An appointment for a practical exam is obtained at the APO, in person only. When taking the practical exam, allow approximately 90 minutes in duration for the Type “D” permit exam, and about 45 minutes for the Type “D/A” permit exam.

Terms of issue of an Airside Vehicle Operator’s Permit

Upon issue of an Airside Vehicle Operator’s Permit, all holders are required to sign the Terms and conditions, and must comply with the Restriceted Area Traffic Directive (DCZR) at all times.