Adapted services

Special needs

As stipulated in the Air Travel Accessibility Regulations, air carriers must, on request, provide people with disabilities with assistance from the check-in counter (departure) to the general public area (arrival).

In addition, if you need a personal attendant to help you at the boarding gate, please contact your airline for more information and to make the necessary arrangements.

Aéroports de Montréal is committed to providing airport facilities that are adapted to the needs of people with disabilities or limited mobility. Our customer service personnel and Airport Patrol officers are also available to assist you at all times.

People with limited mobility or in wheelchairs

Accessible ground transportation (car rental agencies and shuttles)

  • A limited number of wheelchair-accessible vehicles and equipped with hand-operated controls are available for rental. Customers are asked to make the necessary arrangements in advance with their car rental agency.
  • Public transit buses are accessible to people with limited mobility and can accommodate wheelchairs.


  • People with limited mobility who have a valid certificate attesting to this fact and needing adapted parking can use the Multi-Level parking lot located near the terminal at the same weekly rate as the EconoParc lot.
  • Parking spots for people with limited mobility are available in the EconoParc facility. Please note that the shuttle service between this lot and the terminal is unable to provide transportation for wheelchair users.



  • The terminal entrances on the arrivals level are equipped with oversized revolving doors with slow-motion buttons.
  • Wheelchairs are available at the information counters located on the departures level for use by people with limited mobility visiting the airport. If you are boarding a flight, please contact your airline for a wheelchair.
  • There are access ramps, elevators and moving sidewalks available to facilitate movement inside the terminal.
  • Information counters, check-in counters, self-service check-in kiosks, public pay telephones and automated teller machines (ATMs) are accessible to wheelchair users.
  • All washrooms feature doorless entrances and are equipped with toilet stalls adapted for use by people with limited mobility.
  • In the international and transborder jetties, single-occupant unisex washrooms equipped with hands-free faucets are accessible to people in wheelchairs. They are also equipped with an emergency call button.
  • Wheelchair-accessible drinking water fountains are also available.
  • Use of carpeting in the terminal has been minimized to facilitate wheelchair movement.

At departure and arrival

  • One line at each pre-boarding screening checkpoint is reserved for people with limited mobility accompanied by an airline passenger agent.
  • In the international and transborder jetties, passengers with limited mobility have access to a transportation service using electric carts, from the security checkpoint to the boarding gate (departures level) and from the arrival gate to the Canada customs hall (arrivals level).
  • Reserved seating is available in the boarding lounges.
  • When an aircraft is parked far from the terminal, passenger transfer vehicles are available to transport people with limited mobility between the plane and the terminal. Arrangements must be made by the carrier.
  • There is a line for use by people with limited mobility in the Canada customs hall, near the line for airline crews.
  • Adapted taxis are available from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. upon request to the dispatcher at your arrival. Outside these hours, you must advise your airline, who will contact our dispatcher.

Retail services

  • Public pay telephones (except TTY phones) are equipped with a button that directly contacts ADM’s call centre for any request involving an emergency.
  • Wheelchair users can enter all shops and restaurants in the terminal.
  • Bars and VIP lounges have lowered sections for wheelchair users.
  • Every bank of public pay telephones has at least one telephone configured for access by wheelchair users.

Services for the hearing impaired

  • TTY telephones (identified with the TTY pictogram) are available at every bank of public telephones in the terminal and boarding areas.
  • All pay telephones in the terminal are equipped with an adjustable volume control and a flux coil to assist hearing-aid users.
  • Visual fire alarms (strobes) are located in public areas.

Directory assistance
If you are a TTY user, simply call 7-1-1 for all directory assistance listings (local, national, US, overseas and toll free numbers).

Rates and information
For TTY, call 1 800 855-1155

Services for the visually impaired

  • Signs are large and brightly coloured.
  • Braille signs are located at entrances to all public washrooms.
  • All elevators, escalators and moving sidewalks are equipped with braille signage.
  • Elevators are also equipped with audible synthesized voice “floor callers” or acoustic signals that indicate floors.
  • There is a relief area for guide dogs across from the terminal building, near the west tower of the multi-level parking garage.