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 Free service available for all departures, except U.S.-bound flights.



  1. Book online for a maximum of five people (within 24 hours of the scheduled departure time)
  2. Confirm your registration by replying to an SMS*
  3. Show up at the appointed time at the SecurXpress line

*Standard text messaging rates apply



Example: 123 456 7890
Example: AC1234

Terms and conditions

All information received by SMS Flight Information is subject to change without prior notice. We do not guarantee that this information is complete, accurate and up to date. We are not responsible for damages caused directly or indirectly through the use or the inability to use SMS Flight Information.
Standard text messaging rates apply.

  • Frequently asked questions

    Frequently asked questions

    What is SecurXpress service?

    SecurXpress service is a simple way to avoid lineups at the security screening checkpoints during peak
    periods. Passage times are spread out for priority users in a dedicated checkpoint corridor, preventing
    unnecessarily long wait times.

    Peak periods are generally as follows:

    • Domestic departures: 6 a.m. to 8:30 a.m., 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.
    • International departures: 4 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.,
    • and almost any time of day during peak seasonal travel periods (e.g., the Holidays, March break, etc.).

    To avoid having to line up, reserve your passage time: enter your information on the SecurXpress Web page,
    then confirm your passage time by answering YES to the SMS that you receive. You will also receive a
    reminder alert 15 minutes before your scheduled passage time. When you reach the SecurXpress checkpoint
    corridor, show your mobile phone with the passage-time confirmation message displayed.

    When you subscribe to SecurXpress service, you will also be subscribed automatically to our SMS flight
    schedule service. If your flight is delayed or cancelled, you will receive an alert.

    Depending on your reserved passage time, you may be able to make your way to the airport later than if you
    hadn’t reserved in advance. Keep in mind though, that you must check in and check your baggage at your
    airline counter beforehand.

    What is SMS?
    An SMS is a short text message (maximum of 136 characters). For more information on how to use SMS / text messaging on your phone, see the user manual for your phone or check with your network provider. 
    How are passage times determined?
    Scales have been established to ensure that you won’t have to wait very long for your flight, but will have plenty of time to get to the boarding gate. The first person to reserve priority passage is assigned the priority-passage slot closest to the flight departure time; the second is assigned a slot 5 minutes earlier, and so on. 
    We are travelling in a group. Can we use SecurXpress?
    The system is designed to accommodate groups of no more than 5 people. If there are more than 5 people in your group, the passage time reservation for the next 5 people will have to be made by somebody else in the group with a different mobile phone number, and so on.
    I reserved a priority passage time but I ended up going through the security checkpoint earlier. How do I cancel my reservation? 
    You don’t have to cancel your reservation.
    I don’t have a mobile phone or access to SMS / text messaging. How can I reserve priority passage through the security screening checkpoint?
    Sorry, you must have an SMS-enabled mobile phone to use the system.
    Is there a fee for a reserved checkpoint passage time?
    Rates are per your SMS agreement with your network provider.
    What happens if I make a mistake entering my flight number?
    The format to use for this service is your flight number including the 2- or 3-letter airline code (e.g., AC123). If the flight number is typed incorrectly, you will receive an error message. You will only be charged for messages providing a flight status. 
    I received a message saying there are no longer any priority passage slots available. What can I do?
    You will have to line up in the non-priority corridors and be subject to the normal wait times. 
    I wasn’t able to confirm my subscription within the 10-minute time limit, but I still want to reserve a passage time.
    You will have to subscribe again using the Web page.
    I made a mistake entering my mobile phone number. What can I do?
    You will have to subscribe again using the Web page. Make sure to enter the correct number. There cannot be two reservations for the same phone number and the same flight number. 
    Why am I not receiving a passage time?
    You must make your reservation within 24 hours of the scheduled departure time, and allow enough time before your flight so that you do not miss your flight.
    How do I get the alerts to stop?
    To stop receiving alerts, the user can simply text the word "STOP".