docusign_logo_black_text_on_white_1.pngIn collaboration with ADM, Transport Canada is deploying a digital process for processing Transportation Security Clearance Applications (TSCA).

In addition to offering an online TSC application (TSCA), Transport Canada has joined with DocuSign to offer you a digital signing experience, and a secure location to attach your supporting documentation, such as pictures of your identification.

Once you submit your TSCA, DocuSign will create a secure, digital envelope to send your application and supporting documentation only to the people who need to sign it, ensuring they only see the information they need to. Your personal information is always protected by the Canadian Privacy Act.

Launch date of the process

As of March 29, 2023, any TSCA submitted for YUL and YMX airports on Transport Canada’s website will be transmitted via DocuSign to the parties involved. To prepare for the launch, take a look at the support documents and video tutorials below.

Support Documents

Support Documents have been prepared by Transport Canada and adapted by Aéroports de Montréal.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials have been prepared by Transport Canada.

Before going to your appointment at the APO

In addition to your TSC and the related documents, make sure that you have everything you need for your appointment. Visit this page to learn more.

Have all original documents submitted with your application.  If you are unable to provide an original copy of a document uploaded to DocuSign, your request will not be processed.

Need to scan your documents?

The Transportation Security Clearance applicant will be required to upload a copy of their supporting documents via DocuSign (ie.: passport, birth certificate, proof of travel, activity report, etc.). If you are unable to scan your documents, you can take pictures of them. Make sure documents are legible, correctly oriented, and in color.

*It is not required to bring a paper copy of your TSCA.

Need to scan your documents?

If necessary, there are mobile applications to take photos that will then be converted into scans. You can use one of the following scanning applications: