Sustainable transport


ADM’s vehicle fleet comprises around 100 light-duty and 170 heavy-duty vehicles. Ground vehicles at Montréal–Trudeau, including parking lot shuttle buses, account for nearly half of total GHG emissions generated by ADM operations. In 2014, GHG emissions generated by this vehicle fleet amounted to some 3,800 tonnes of CO2, just ahead of the approximately 3,300 tonnes generated by the boilers used to heat the terminal.

Reduction of transportation-related GHG emissions is of prime concern. The Corporation has therefore adopted a series of measures to this end:

  • Upgrading of the ground-vehicle fleet to more fuel-efficient models; for example, minivans have been replaced by sub-compact cars;
  • Use of more fuel-efficient parking shuttles; fleet management adjusted to demand and routes optimized;
  • Idling-avoidance and eco-driving awareness campaign;
  • Implementation of the Écono-Écolo-Pratique program (French only), promoting alternative transportation methods, such as ride-sharing and public transit, in partnership with the Saint-Laurent Borough Transportation Management Association; 33% of ADM employees are participants in the program;
  • Bicycle patrolling of the various parking facilities;
  • Installation of electric-vehicle charging stations in the multi-level parking garage;
  • Construction of a free parking lot (CellParc) for people accompanying passengers, in order to reduce passenger pickup area traffic and reduce vehicle idling;
  • Montreal-Trudeau taxi fleet now consists of 160 low consumption hybrid vehicles out of a total of 325 permits, as a result of ADM’s new taxi permit draw process;
  • The 747 Express Bus, in collaboration with the Société de transport de Montréal (STM), which provides transportation service between downtown Montréal and Montréal–Trudeau airport for passengers as well as employees;
  • Aérotrain, a planned airport shuttle service linking Montréal–Trudeau airport and downtown Montréal.