Greening and promoting natural habitats

Tree policy


ADM participates in projects to preserve natural habitats and plant trees in a bid to enhance the ecological heritage of the Montréal region. From this perspective, the Corporation has adopted a tree policy, the main goal of which is to protect areas of high ecological value on airport lands. To this end, a forest inventory was conducted in areas of Montréal–Trudeau airport that are being developed, and tree-planting projects have been rolled out in Saint-Laurent, Dorval and Pointe-Claire.

Examples of greening projects


Parc Terra-Cotta, Pointe-Claire (2012-2015)

In 2012, Planting of 18 trees and shrubs at the entrance to Parc Terra-Cotta.

ADM’s contribution to the project of enhancement of Terra-Cotta natural park in 2015 has allowed the planting of 75 trees and 125 shrubs in Coolbreeze sector. This support contributes to the preservation of wetlands and the restoration of ecological processes disturbed by buckthorn, an invasive plant species.


Vanguard School (2014 and 2016)

Planting of 60 trees and shrubs with non-profit greening corporation Société de verdissement du Montréal métropolitain (Soverdi), in partnership with Tourisme Montréal and the airport hotel managers




CHSLD Dorval.jpg

Centre d’hébergement de Dorval (2014) of the Dorval-Lachine-LaSalle Health and Social Services Centre

Planting of 50 trees in partnership with Soverdi





Bois%C3%A9%20Marcel-Laurin.jpgThe Parc Marcel-Laurin woodland, in Saint-Laurent Borough

The Parc Marcel-Laurin woodland, in Saint-Laurent Borough is a true oasis within the city, a natural site providing multiple opportunities for residents to enjoy contact with nature. As a partner in the project to protect, restore and naturalize the woodland, ADM contributed financially to Opération Monarque, which saw the planting of beds of milkweed, a native herbaceous plant that encourages reproduction and feeding of monarch butterfly, now an endangered species. ADM’s contribution also supported remediation of natural habitats in the woodland that had been overrun by buckthorn, an invasive plant species. ADM contributed a total of $38,000 to this project.


Landscaping at Montréal–Trudeau


Following work to upgrade the roads network around Montréal–Trudeau, ADM implemented an extensive greening program. The improvements have several benefits, including:

  • Improvements to air quality by absorption of locally emitted greenhouse gases and atmospheric pollutants;
  • Mitigation of the heat island effect through compensation for heat generated by asphalt surfaces;
  • Creation of welcoming, pleasant gateway to the airport, which contributes to an enhanced user experience; and
  • Improved quality of life for employees working at the airport.


The landscaping design is representative of the changing seasons and landscapes found naturally in Québec. While the landscape architects were given free rein to imagine their designs, they had to comply with a number of constraints, among others those related to the airport surroundings. In particular, in consideration of avian hazards, the plants used were chosen so as not to attract birds. The maximum height of mature trees had to comply with airport site zoning, while resistance to salt and ease of upkeep were also considerations.




Between 2009 and 2015, more than 800 trees, 10,000 shrubs and 39,000 perennials were planted as part of this major greening operation on Montréal–Trudeau airport lands.

ADM is also involved in efforts to fight propagation of the emerald ash borer on its lands, which include examining ash trees on its property, avoiding planting of this species on its property, and hiring of an expert firm to protect ash trees along Thorncrest Avenue in Dorval, on the western edge of Montréal–Trudeau airport. The bio-insecticide TreeAzin, which is especially effective against invasive pests such as the emerald ash borer, is applied to those trees. Protecting the trees along Thorncrest Avenue will ensure maintenance of a visual barrier between the airport and the Dorval North residential neighbourhood.

Planting of 96,000 trees at Montréal–Mirabel

ADM signed an agreement with CO2 Environnement  for planting of trees on Montréal–Mirabel airport land as a means of compensating for GHG emissions. As part of this partnership, the firm planted 96,000 trees along Highway 50 at Montréal–Mirabel. The partnership is in keeping with the ADM Tree Policy and demonstrates the Corporation’s commitment to GHG emissions reduction.

Installation of beehives and a pollinator garden

ruches-2.jpgADM has installed five beehives on each of its two sites. A portion of the honey harvested in partnership with Alvéole is donated to charity.

By installing the beehives, ADM is helping preserve the domestic bee population, which plays a vital role in pollination of fields and, in turn, biodiversity preservation.

To help the bees at Montréal–Trudeau, a pollinator garden has been created near the hives. This type of landscaping is an excellent way of promoting urban biodiversity and creating habitats for large numbers of pollinating insects.