Soundscape Consultative Committee

Created by ADM, the Soundscape Consultative Committee includes representatives of the City of Montréal and the cities/boroughs of Dorval, Pointe-Claire and Saint-Laurent, as well as Transport Canada, Nav Canada (the organization that controls the country’s air traffic), the Government of Québec, the airlines, and the airport’s management staff.

This committee, which is supported by a technical team made up of specialists, is an effective forum for exchanging information, as well as for discussing and studying all soundscape-related issues, particularly any proposals for changing noise operating restrictions and noise abatement procedures.

Summary - Meeting of October 28, 2016

Summary - Meeting of June 17, 2016

Summary - Meeting of April 22, 2016

- Presentation - Transport Canada - New Airport Zoning Regulation - December 2015

Summary - Meeting of December 11, 2015

Summary - Meeting of October 2, 2015

Summary - Meeting of July 10, 2015

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Summary - Meeting of December 12, 2014

Summary - Meeting of October 10th, 2014