In addition to providing airport services consistent with the needs of the community, the mission of Aéroports de Montréal is to foster the economic development of Greater Montréal and co-exist in harmony with the surrounding environment.

Sustainable development Sustainable development

  • Aéroports de Montréal aims to become one of the best airport managers, distinguished by its rigour, efficiency and innovation, while respecting the environment. To that end, the Corporation’s management, operation and development of its airports considers all social, economic and environmental impacts and focuses on developing good relationships with its partners and stakeholders.


Mission, commitment, certifications and recognition Mission, commitment, certifications and recognition

  • Aéroports de Montréal aims to maintain harmonious coexistence with its surroundings, particularly with regard to protecting the environment. ADM has adopted an environmental policy that identifies key areas for improvement in terms of environmental protection. The Corporation is also a signatory to the Global Aviation Industry Commitment to Action on Climate Change adopted at the 2008 Aviation and Environment Summit in Geneva, Switzerland.


Economic Impact Economic Impact

  • Montréal–Trudeau and Montréal–Mirabel airports play essential roles in supporting business, trade and tourism. The sites host more than 250 companies, which provide 60,000 jobs and generate more than $5.5 billion in added value every year.


Airport improvements Airport improvements

  • Each year, Aéroports de Montréal makes substantial investments in the proper maintenance of its airport facilities as well as all manner of improvements. Its infrastructures must also keep pace with the growth in traffic.


A glance at upcoming improvements A glance at upcoming improvements

  • Montréal-Trudeau proudly introduces travellers to the colourful new section in the extension of the international jetty and two new commercial areas. Take a look at the new arrivals that will enhance the customer experience and improve the capacity and efficiency of our operations, particularly for our international destinations.


Lot 7 development: Preparatory work for NPSV Lot 7 development: Preparatory work for NPSV

  • To meet Transport Canada requirements for construction of a security checkpoints for non-passenger screening vehicles (NPSV), ADM has begun the work in Lot 7.