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New parking lot at Montréal-Trudeau 


-3 $13 $65 $
  • CAA_p_A
  • VoyagesGendron_p


All rates include taxes. Lost tickets will be charged the maximum rate.
Multi-level: 2.1 meters clearance
HotelParc: 2.1 meters clearance - HotelParc map
EconoParc: free 24/7 shuttle.  One week is 7 consecutive 24-hour periods.

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Important instructions

  • Lock your doors.  Do not to leave any valuables inside your vehicle.
  • Take a ticket at the parking entrance:
    • Upon your return, simply insert your ticket into the automated pay station slot and complete payment by cash or credit card. The validated ticket allowing you to exit will be issued upon completion of the transaction.
    • To leave the parking lot, insert your validated ticket in the exit kiosk. The ticket serves as your receipt.
  • In order to obtain your Aeroplan Miles, your Air Transat discount or CAA/AAA discount, you must insert your entry ticket followed by your membership card or rebate coupon, both at an automated cashier or at the exit gate. You will then be able to proceed with the payment of your parking fees.