Montréal Cuisine de Rue $$

Restricted area - International - Gate 52

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Montréal Cuisine de Rue ! 


You can’t have a full Montréal experience without a stop at a Montréal food truck. Montréal Cuisine de rue gourmet food truck showcases the full range of culinary excitement simmering on the streets of Québec’s metropolis.


Montréal Cuisine de rue features Montréal’s mobile cuisine with alternating food truck brands, rotating chefs, and interchanging menus using local and regional products to create innovative and tasty, on-the-go meals.


Food truck culture in Montréal is a force to be reckoned with. And may the force be with you – on the Montréal-Trudeau airport international concourse.

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  • Restricted area - International - Gate 52