St-Hubert Express $$

Public area - New Commercial Zone

10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
514 633-9972

The ultimate family restaurant!


There’s nothing like the joy of experiencing anew something you know and love.


That’s precisely how it is with St-Hubert. All the features on which the chain has based its reputation since 1951—a varied menu spotlighting the famous rotisserie chicken, grilled specialties cooked to perfection, mouth-watering starters, hearty soups, succulent main course salads and delectable desserts—can be enjoyed at the airport.


Whether you’re dining alone or in a group, you can count on St-Hubert for great food, cheerful service and a friendly atmosphere each time.


St-Hubert is also the ultimate family restaurant, where families with youngsters feel just as at home as couples, singles, professionals and seniors.