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Update: Information and Administration and Permits Office agents' positions.

27 February 2019, 15:15

Subject: Update: Information and Administration and Permits Office agents' positions.

The process initiated by Aéroports de Montréal (ADM) in connection with Information and Administration and Permits Office agents' positions continued in recent weeks in accordance with the collective agreement. Despite numerous discussions and meetings, the involvement of federal labour relations mediators, the downward adjustment by ADM of its cost reduction objectives, and the extension of the agreed deadlines, the parties did not come to an agreement.

ADM, therefore, has decided not to maintain these jobs internally and notified the union and employees of such this afternoon.

Without minimizing the efforts of the union, the proposals presented did not meet the desired cost reduction targets, even though achieving these targets would have kept salaries within the higher range of comparable jobs in the market. The cost reductions proposed by the union were also only valid for the current year.

Employees affected by this decision will be supported through an outplacement service in addition to receiving their regular salary for a period of 16 weeks and severance pay in accordance with their collective agreement. Through these various measures, ADM wants to enable employees to quickly reposition themselves in the job market.

A model similar to other major Canadian airports

Beginning on February 27, external suppliers will deliver these services. The Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary airports already use a combination of external and voluntary suppliers to perform these functions. This way of doing things offers them greater flexibility in terms of scheduling in an airport context that has changed significantly in recent years.

Already disadvantaged by a harsher climate and less favourable fiscal obligations, Montréal-Trudeau needs to draw on best practices in the industry to remain competitive and maintain its role as a hub.

The contract for the information agents’ function will therefore be granted to Garda, while the contract for agents in the permits office will be awarded to the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires. These suppliers have been selected based on their expertise and their knowledge of the airport environment, and have an obligation to maintain high standards of service quality.