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Departures: Arrive 3 hours in advance

29 September 2017, 10:57

Subject: Departures: Arrive 3 hours in advance

Advice on facilitating your airport experience

Work is under way at the security checkpoint for international and domestic departures.

Arrive at least 3 hours before your scheduled departure and go through the security checkpoint as soon as you have completed your check-in formalities.

To make your time at the airport more pleasant, here is some advice:

One week before departure

Reserve your parking space

You can reserve your parking space online directly. In addition to speeding things up, it saves you up to 15%!

Two days before departure

Properly prepared luggage makes the security check much easier:

  • Put all liquids, aerosols and gels in containers of 100 ml or less together in a large transparent plastic bag.
  • Do the same for medicines, infant formula and breast milk, and make sure they’re properly labelled (with the name of the manufacturer and medicine).
  • Gifts should go in your checked luggage! If you’re travelling only with carry-on luggage, make sure the gifts are not wrapped.

Visit the CATSA (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority) website

You are strongly urged to check the complete list of items allowed or prohibited by CATSA. Keep this link handy! 

Check on adapted services

Are you travelling in a group or with young children, elderly and/or disabled people? We can help make your time with us simpler and more pleasant.

By going to this section of our site, you can discover our various services and facilities, such as our security line reserved for people with limited mobility, our TTY telephones for the hearing impaired and our courtesy carts service available to all passengers.

The day before departure

Check in online

Most airlines operating at Montréal–Trudeau let you check in online up to 24 hours in advance.

Download the YULi app

Whether you’re taking off from Montréal or you’ve come to fetch someone at the airport, YULi is the app you need!

It’s the best way to enjoy your time with us: find your way easily around the terminal, stay informed about your flight or receive exclusive offers from our merchants and partners.

Text your flight number to 23636

You’ll instantly receive by text message (SMS) the current status of your flight or an alert for any schedule change of more than 10 minutes.

The day of departure

Before leaving home, make sure you have all your travel documents handy: airline tickets, valid passport, visa, etc.

To avoid setting off the alarm at the walk-through metal detector, avoid wearing belts with big buckles, large items of jewelry, clothing with metal buttons, etc.

We also recommend that you wear easy-to-remove shoes, just in case.

Getting to the airport

Since you have to arrive at least three hours in advance, it’s essential to plan the best way to get to the airport.

Check our website to find out about the various options: the 747 shuttle, taxis, limousines, Uber or Car2Go.

If you’re coming by car, remember to check roadwork information.

Use the self-service check-in kiosks

These are another good way to avoid lineups at traditional check-in counters. Note that luggage must be dropped off before you go through security.

Prepare to go through security

Once you’ve completed your check-in and dropped off your luggage, go through the security checkpoint.

  • In your hand: your boarding pass and passport.
  • In your carry-on luggage: coins, keys and small metal items.
  • In the bins: your winter coat or jacket.
  • Removed from their cases: your laptop, video camera and film camera.
  • Check that all your electronic devices are charged and can be switched on.
    Note: Electronic devices that cannot be removed from their cases or switched on during the security check will not be allowed beyond the checkpoint.

Upon your return

Go through customs more quickly:

  • Have your ID ready;
  • Fill out your customs declaration form completely.

Note that your checked luggage is collected after the border control.
For more information, visit the Canada Border Services Agency website.


  • If someone is coming to pick you up, ask your greeter to use the CellParc waiting lot: free parking for two hours, with free shuttle service every 15 minutes. To get there from the terminal, go to Post 4 at the arrivals level and take the CellParc/P-9 shuttle.
  • If you’re ordering transportation, wait until you’ve collected your luggage and are in a public area.

Bon voyage!