Tools to minimize contact

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Numerous tools will enable you to carry out your activities at the airport, make purchases and book various services using only your phone.




Upon departure:

  • Reserve your parking online and enter the parking lot without any contact or pay contactless at the terminal with your credit card.
  • Book your passage to the checkpoint with SecurXpress to make your passage easier. The service is available for flights to Canada or international destinations (not available for the United States).
  • To receive flight schedule updates by SMS, you can register and receive flight alerts and schedule changes: 23636.
  • Check in online on your airline's website and buy your meal for you flight.

At the airport:

  • Our shops and restaurants have implemented sanitary measures for your safety. Plexiglass is installed at the cash desks and payment by card is required.
  • Passengers are asked not to handle items they do not intend to purchase.
  • If you need foreign currency, Ice foreign exchange office counters allow you to book online.

The detectors at the checkpoints are sensitive to metals. By avoiding clothing with metal appliqués, belts and jewellery, you will avoid the need for a physical search.

It is strongly recommended that you check the complete list of items that are and are not permitted by CBSA. Keep this link safe!

The measures for liquids are unchanged, i.e. only containers smaller than 100 ml are allowed and must be placed in a 1 L plastic bag.

Liquid disinfectants

Liquid disinfectants are accepted in carry-on baggage. Until further notice, a passenger may carry a 355 ml bottle of hand sanitizer in their carry-on baggage. The bottle does not need to be placed in the 1 L re-sealable bag with other liquids, aerosols and gels. 

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