Landing in Montréal

Here is what your journey through the terminal at Montréal-Trudeau will look like

1- Before your flight

Download the ArriveCAN app to your smartphone or tablet so you can fill out the declaration card while you are on the plane.

2- Before landing

Fill out your declaration card using the ArriveCAN app on your smartphone or tablet. When you are done filling it out, a QR code will be generated automatically.

3- Border control - primary inspection

Go to an automated passport control kiosk with your passport in hand and the QR code displayed on your smartphone or tablet. If you did not get a chance to fill out the declaration card on your smartphone or tablet, you can do it at the automated passport control kiosk.


4- Luggage pickup

Once in the pickup area, locate my airline’s luggage carrousel using the display panel

If any bags are missing or damaged, go to my airline’s luggage service counter

5- Border control - secondary inspection

At the exit, show your kiosk receipt to the border services officer.

6- Services