Building the airport of tomorrow

Whether in terms of the city or aviation, we will do everything possible to respond appropriately to needs generated by the growth in passenger traffic.

Aerogare - court.pngCITY PROJECTS

  • Increase the number of parking spots to meet the increase in demand.
  • Provide a connection between the drop-off area and the REM with an efficient, appealing solution for passengers;
  • Prepare to rebuild the drop-off area, which will reach the end of its useful life in 2026;
  • Harmonize the architecture of the facade (the Montréal-Trudeau signature) following changes made to the drop-off area and nearby parking lots.


Flagman - court.pngAVIATION PROJECTS

  • The gates have reached capacity for international and domestic flights. Increasingly passengers have to use parking spots that are a long way from the aircraft, which requires transporting more passengers by bus. Solutions are being studied to minimize the impact of this.
  • The baggage loading areas are also at capacity. For example, in 2017, we beat the 2016 record of 22,000 suitcases handled in a single day more than 30 times over. Therefore, in the short term, we should add storage capacity or build a temporary remote baggage room.
  • Baggage carousels can simultaneously accommodate luggage from four international flights, but we are adding a fifth to meet needs and ensure smooth traffic flow.


September 28 : Lauch of a call for tenders - Construction manager for the Cityside development program

Contractors and suppliers of goods and services can obtain more information about our current calls for tenders through MERX at


Presentation - Industry Day - May 17, 2018


Yul Econo Premium

Image of the future 3,000-space car park, the Yul Econo Premium, which is scheduled to open in the autumn of 2020