Discover Canada

Destination Alberta!

A true outdoor paradise, Alberta offers many activities in its provincial and national parks. Its two main cities, Calgary and Edmonton, are not to be outdone with their many green spaces. Canadians can visit Alberta without restriction and travel with peace of mind! Explore a selection of must-sees and hidden treasures for your next trip. What are you waiting for?

Destination British Columbia!

Whether on the water or on land, this province bordering the Pacific Ocean offers a wide range of activities. Open to Canadians who want to travel, it's a good plan for those who dream of flying and adventure. Discover some of the province's must-see attractions and hidden treasures here. What are you waiting for?

Destination Toronto!

Once called "York, the Upper Canada", Toronto may surprise you! Its mix of modern neighbourhoods and historic buildings is the backdrop to a city with a vibrant and diverse culture. Toronto also offers moments of relaxation in nature with its many parks and islands. Accessible in barely an hour by plane and with no restrictions for Quebec travellers, it's a good travel plan. Discover the must-sees of Toronto and the surrounding area. What are you waiting for to take off?