Airport patrol

logo_Surete_PatrolThe mission of Aéroports de Montréal’s Airport Patrol is to protect passengers, personnel and facilities against all threats to civil aviation at Montréal–Trudeau and Montréal–Mirabel airports. The patrol has more than 200 members, divided into a number of specialized teams.

The patrol’s responsibilities include responding to emergencies, enforcing regulations, controlling traffic, detecting explosives and policing restricted areas.

CALEA accreditation

logo-caleaIn 2003, the Airport Patrol received its certificate of accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA), which attests to the quality of the patrol’s operational and administrative management. Certification was renewed in March 2006.

The Airport Patrol is the first airport service in Canada, and the seventh in North America to have earned such certification.

Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics followed by Airport Patrol members was adopted in order to provide excellent service to ADM clientele and ensure a high level of professional integrity in the performance of their duties, in compliance with the provisions of the Québec and Canadian charters of rights and freedoms.

This Code of Ethics describes the duties and standards of conduct of Airport Patrol members in their relations with the public, with airport partners and within the organization itself.

Permits and passes

Through the Administration and Permits Office (APO), the Airport Patrol issues safety- and security-related items to those who, as part of their duties, need to work in a restricted area of the airport. These items include:

  • restricted area identity cards (RAICs) and temporary airport passes
  • airside driving permits
  • metal and magnetic keys

Since January 1, 2007, RAICs have included biometric data, such as iris patterns and fingerprints, which allows for enhanced control over airport personnel accessing restricted areas.

The following forms must be completed to obtain an airside driving permit or airport pass:

To reach the ADM airport patrol:

  • General enquiries (Operations Coordination Centre): 514 633-3223 
  • Emergencies (Montréal–Trudeau): 514 420-5000 
  • Emergencies (Montréal–Mirabel): 911 
  • Information on RAICs and airport passes, driving permits, security clearance, keys, etc.:
    • Administration and Permits Office (Montréal-Trudeau): 514 633-3433 
    • Administration and Permits Office (Montréal-Mirabel): 450 476-5486 


Should you wish to comment on, complain about or compliment the conduct of any member of our staff, we invite you to share it with us by using the Complaints and Compliments form.

For annual reports concerning compliments and complaints received, call 514 633-3222.